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ELEMENT Barryvox

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Digital 3-antenna device focusing on the essentials. The ELEMENT Barryvox® stands out thanks to its ease-of-use and clear instructions. Its one-button operation and clearly laid out display make the device very user friendly. Guaranteeing fast and precise location. Signal analysis, listing of victims and a marking function are additional details to quickly and reliably tackle even complex situations involving multiple buried victims. The extremely robust housing offers good resistance to impact or breakage.

Maximum range: 60 m
Digital search strip width: 50 m
Warranty: 5 years

Koko 210g
Toimitusaika 2-6 arkipäivää
Tuotenumero 2710-00040
230,00 € (Ovh. 290,00 €)   -21%
2-6 arkipäivää