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ABS Vario Base Unit L

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The shape and position of the ABS® TwinBags increase the chances of staying on the surface of the avalanche significantly. The Vario Zip-on packs with volumes between 8l and 45l offer an unlimited range of possible combinations to meet all requirements. You don't have to convert the ABS® system, just change the Zip-on. There is no need to interfere with important system components.

• ABS® TwinBags with buoyancy volume of 170l
• Handle plate with activation handle, which is height-adjustable and available in a left-handed version, guaranteeing ease of access in the event of an emergency
• Comfortable, padded hip strap
• Height-adjustable chest strap
• Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps
• Integrated leg strap
• Load capacity 80 kg
• The carrying system meets the requirements of the TÜV for extreme operational demands (PPE Directive 89/686/EEC)

• Capacity: 8L
• Enough space for emergency equipment
• SOS label with international emergency numbers
• Lightweight
• Extremely flat (need not be removed on the ski lift)

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