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Ortovox Avalanche Probe 240+ Carbon PRO PFA

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Carbon is light and rigid and thus forms the ideal material for our high-end probes. The 240+ Carbon pfa has all the features of a true professional probe. As it is extendable, it is the top choice probe of many rescue organizations and mountain guides. The 13 mm diameter in combination with the carbon material makes it incredibly rigid, unbreakable and accurate. With the pfa quick-release tensioning system, it can be absolutely safely stretched in seconds and just as easily collapsed and put away. The steel cable pull line makes it ideally suitable for frequent users. The grip sleeve made of EVA foam fits comfortably in your hand, and the burial depth can be read quickly on the depth marker. By the way, a carbon probe due to its lower thermal conductivity freezes much slowly in contrast to steel or aluminum.

All ORTOVOX probes are delivered with a practical quick-release cover.


Weight: 260

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