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Ortovox First Aid Pro

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Together with the Tyrol Mountain Rescue we developed the First Aid Pro. The set is easy to hold and quickly ready for use. We have made the design as clear and organized as possible so that the desired resource is quickly accessible in an emergency. The rescue blanket can also be used as a room divider and can be affi xed in place with Velcro® as desired depending on the assembly and partition. We have gone all out on the contents as even professionals are helpless without the right equipment. From blister plasters to the Sam Splint (flexible rails), the set contains everything you could need."

Content: Rescue blanket, gold/silver 160 x 210 cm Gauze wound compress, sterile 10 x 10 cm Gauze triangular bandage, white Samsplint 11 x 92 cm Leinalast bandage 8 cm x 5 m, cello Elastomull bandage 6 cm x 4 m , cello Adhesive plaster spool 5 m x 1,25 cm Plaster set consisting of Plaster strip 2 x 7 cm strip of 5 Plaster strip 2,5 x 7 cm Finger dressing 12 x 2 cm lose F inger joint bandage 4 x 7,5 cm Blister plaster set with 2 plasters Tweezers Vinyl disposable gloves, loose, pair Breathing mask Disinfectant wipes F irst aid scissors, 15 cm, angled Pencil, accident report, accident plan Weight: 558 g Dimensions: 23,5x 13 x 15 cm

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