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Völkl Two 196

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Völkl Two, All-Mountain ja Powder laskettelijan suksi.

They’ve come from the park and the piste — to conquer the backcountry. An ever-larger circle of skiers has discovered the joys of gliding through deep off-piste powder. These skiers need a ski that they can rely upon at all times and in all situations, regardless of whether they like to drift or conjure up high-speed turns in the snow. It also has to be extremely easy to ride, yet be able to stand up to extreme stress.

Vuosimalli Suksen pituus Kärki Keski Taka Kääntösäde
2015 186cm 146mm 124mm 138mm 28,2m
Vuosimalli 2015-2016
Toimitusaika 2-6 arkipäivää
Tuotenumero 115326
369,00 € (Ovh. 625,00 €)   -41%
2-6 arkipäivää

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