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Bootheater Comfort Custom 230V

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The Alpenheat Comfort bootheater provides 3 positions of warming with anatomically shaped heating elements. The heated insole has very good isolating attributes as well as excellent damp absorbing characterics to create an optimal shoe climate. Compact re-chargeable battery pack with control electronics clips securely into mounting clip that can easily be attached to shoes, boots and belts. By means of a push button, one of the three permanent heat settings can be selected. The built-in 4 rechargeable NiMH battery packs can be exchanged for any commercial AA battery packs of any manufacturer brand.

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Toimitusaika 2-6 arkipäivää
Tuotenumero Ah9
99,00 € (Ovh. 179,90 €)   -45%
2-6 arkipäivää