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Marker King Pin 10

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Introducing a high performance, innovative alpine touring binding; Marker’s KINGPIN PinTech binding with DIN/ISO 13992:2007 certification from Germany’s prestigious TÜV testing organization redefines the standard in PinTech binding technology. Developed for a wide range of skiing environments, the KINGPIN is a standout product in three key areas: added Protection and safety Performance via optimal power transmission and Comfort in the form of easy operation in both ski and walk mode.

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L (305-370 mm) 125mm
L (305-370 mm) 100mm
Vuosimalli 2016
Toimitusaika 4-6 arkipäivää
Tuotenumero 7733P1
440,00 € (Ovh. 469,00 €)   -6%
4-6 arkipäivää

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