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Völkl RTM 81 + IPT WR XL 12 TCX GW OR

Tuotteet » KAUSI 2018


Any skier from advanced to expert can use the RTM 81 as an every day ski. Its versatile width, combined with the WideRide XL binding system, and innovative 3D.RIDGE construction are ideally suited for all day ripping on the groomers. The extended tip & tail rocker allows for effortless carving experience wherever you go. The brand new 3D.Glass construction allows notably increased power transmission, higher torsional stiffness and enhanced edge grip, along with improved agility.

ABOUT THE RTM LINE Skiing an RTM sometimes makes you wonder where the autopilot is hidden. These skis offer an amazing performance in basically every condition and no matter how hard you go, the RTM will always make feel easy easy and in control. This is, what the performance standard for frontside-oriented all mountain skiing looks like.

Binding: IPT WR XL 12 TCX GW Orange

Suksen pituus Kärki Keski Taka Kääntösäde Toimitusaika
163cm 128mm 81mm 109mm 14.7m 2-6 arkipäivää
170cm 128mm 81mm 109mm 16.3m 2-6 arkipäivää
177cm 128mm 81mm 109mm 17.9m 2-6 arkipäivää
182cm 128mm 81mm 109mm 19.0m 2-6 arkipäivää
Valmistajan tuotesivu Avaa tuotesivu
Vuosimalli 2017-2018
Toimitusaika 2-6 arkipäivää
Tuotenumero 117211
599,00 € (Ovh. 849,00 €)   -29%
2-6 arkipäivää

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Hinta yhteensä: 599,00 €